scoop of sugar
January 17, 2018 Chris Rowland, DDS

How Sugar Can Affect Your Child’s Oral Health

If your child seems to dream of nothing but donuts and chocolate, and goes cuckoo for cakes and candy, you may find yourself worrying about them possessing a grade-A, certified sweet tooth. You’re not alone!  Kids in general tend to prefer both sweeter and saltier tastes than adults, and don’t have to learn to like Read More

child brushing teeth
J. B. Selecman, DDS

Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

First time parents often ask us at what age their child should first see a dentist. It’s not uncommon for parents to be unsure about all their children’s “firsts”, and going to see a dentist is just one of those firsts parents worry about. At Children’s Dental Center, we want to ensure your baby’s oral Read More