Help Your Child Smile Again

Accidents happen, and so do cavities! Fortunately, we’re well-versed in kid’s restorative dentistry to help your child feel better fast.

Your Restorative Treatment Options

Your doctor will evaluate your child and present you with all options relevant to their treatment. We will provide recommendations for dealing with cavities and other oral health and developmental concerns.

At Children’s Dental Center, we provide a number of options related to your child’s restorative dental needs.

Everything You Need To Know About Baby Teeth

Stainless Steel Baby Crowns

These are used to restore back teeth dealing with major decay, too far advanced for fillings, on teeth that require a pulpotomy, or nerve treatment.

Stainless steel crowns are used exclusively for baby teeth. fI your child needs a front-tooth crown, we also provide a resinous plastic facing over the crown for cosmetic purposes.

Acid Erosion

White Fillings

We provide esthetic, BPA-free white fillings to address teeth that have been damaged by cracks, chips, or tooth decay.

This is an excellent choice for fixing minor cavities or for cosmetic purposes.

Matching the natural color of teeth, our composite fillings are particularly crucial in enhancing the beauty of your child's smile in the esthetic area.

If your child maintains good oral hygiene, follows a healthy diet, and receives regular dental cleanings and checkups every six months, white fillings can last longer.

Pulpotomy (Nerve Treatment)

Also known as a baby root canal, this involves removing the top of the tooth's nerve and applying a soothing, disinfecting, and protective material to the remaining section.

In cases where tooth decay has progressed to the nerve, this procedure is crucial for your child's dental health. As a protective measure, we often advise the placement of a stainless steel crown cover on the treated tooth.


We recommend extraction in the event that a tooth has become badly infected has become broken down beyond the ability to be restored.

We place a space maintainer if a primary molar extraction is necessary.

Space Maintainers

We use these if your child loses a primary tooth important for holding space for their permanents. This is vital to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth grow in healthy and properly aligned.