Doctor talking to young patient
April 28, 2019 J. B. Selecman, DDS

Sensitive Teeth: Triggers, Causes, And Treatments

Take a walk down any oral care aisle, and you’re likely to find any number of products designed specifically for sensitive teeth. That’s because this condition is incredibly common, with as many as 1 in 8 people suffering from tooth sensitivity. While there are various types and levels of sensitivity, it tends to be most Read More

Children's Dental Center dentist with child patient
March 29, 2019 Chris Rowland, DDS

Is Your Child Scared of the Dentist?

For most adults, visiting the dentist regularly is just a routine part of life. For small children, however, it can be an unfamiliar and sometimes scary experience. Younger children are often unsure what to expect during a checkup, and may worry that going to the dentist will hurt or be uncomfortable. While this is a Read More

Doctor talking with a patient
January 29, 2019 J. B. Selecman, DDS

Top Tips To Keep Your Child’s Smile In Shape

After all the cookies, cakes, and candy that came with the holidays, it’s time to get your kids back on track when it comes to their dental health! Stores are already stocking up on Valentine’s treats, so now is the perfect time to review their hygiene habits and make changes if needed. Here at Children’s Read More

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November 30, 2018 Chris Rowland, DDS

Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrush

Here at Children’s Dental Center, one of the questions we hear from parents most often is, “what type of toothbrush is best for my child?” Similarly, parents want to know whether high-tech electric toothbrushes are more effective at cleaning children’s teeth than a manual toothbrush may be. The powered rotation and stroke action has led Read More

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October 30, 2018 J. B. Selecman, DDS

Fantastic Facts About Animal Teeth

Here at Children’s Dental Center, teeth are our specialty, so we tend to talk about them a lot! While today’s blog post is still all about teeth, we’re doing something a little different by shining a spotlight on ANIMALS. You may be surprised to learn that even though the shapes and positions will vary from Read More

Pediatric Dentist Memphis
September 28, 2018 Chris Rowland, DDS

Buying Your Child’s First Toothbrush

After months of watching your baby drool, fuss, and furiously gnaw on everything in sight, you finally see relief in sight as that first little tooth starts sneaking up through the gums. Over the next year or two, that adorable gummy smile will gradually transform into two rows of baby teeth, and although they’re not Read More

Pediatric Dentist Collierville
August 28, 2018 J. B. Selecman, DDS

Getting Back To School With A Healthy Smile

Here in the Mid-South, summer can sometimes feel like it lasts half the year. When it’s hot from May until October, the new school year can sneak up on you and catch you by surprise! Yet here we are, getting back into the school routine already. We know this is a busy time, and in Read More

Pediatric Dentist Collierville
July 31, 2018 Chris Rowland, DDS

The History Of Fluoride

When it comes to the world of dental health, we talk about fluoride regularly. And although most parents know it’s good for their children’s teeth, they may not know why. When your child eats sugary foods, bacteria in their mouths produce acid that can eat away at the minerals on the surface of the teeth. Read More

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June 29, 2018 J. B. Selecman, DDS

What is Gingivitis and How to Fix It

It seems as though gingivitis is one of those words we hear often without really understanding what it means. From toothpaste ads, mouthwash commercials, and brochures at your dentist’s office, there is a lot of talk about it, but you may not be clear on what exactly gingivitis is, how it is caused, and what Read More

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May 31, 2018 Chris Rowland, DDS

Best Foods For Oral Health

Finding the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your child is great for maintaining your little one’s oral health, but did you know that the foods you feed your child make a difference, too? Walking through the grocery store, you’ll see aisles upon aisles of colorful fruits and vegetables. Each of these foods contains tons of Read More