Kids Preventative Dentistry in Memphis

Guard Against Tooth Decay

At Children’s Dental Center, we know your child deserves a bright and healthy smile. One of the most important factors in long-term oral health is developing strong oral hygiene.

That’s why we offer kids preventative dentistry from each of our convenient Midtown, East Memphis, Arlington, and Collierville locations.

Tooth Decay — What Is It?

Tooth decay is a common problem that occurs when bacteria in the mouth interact with the sugars we consume, causing acids that can damage the minerals in teeth and lead to cavities. We have a range of effective fillings to eliminate decay and restore your child's tooth to its healthy state.

In more severe cases of decay, nerve damage may occur, which may require a crown. A crown is a larger filling that can strengthen or cover the tooth, preventing further damage.

In order to prevent unnecessary decay, it's essential to maintain a strict dental hygiene regimen. This includes brushing and flossing twice daily, visiting the dentist regularly, controlling your child's diet, and receiving fluoride treatment.

By practicing good oral hygiene habits, you can avoid unhealthy teeth and the costly expenses of treatments. At Children's Dental Center, we are committed to providing a comfortable and friendly environment for your child's dental care needs.

Preventive Oral Hygiene & Instruction

This includes proper brushing, flossing, eating habits, ideal fluoride levels and the use of pit and fissure sealants. We strive to provide a fun, educational environment where children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a tooth-strengthening substance with many dental applications. A topical fluoride application will make your child’s teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay.

A thorough cleaning and fluoride treatment every six months is an extremely effective way to prevent dental disease. Additionally, we can determine the level of fluoride in your child’s main water source and recommend supplements as necessary.


Since your child’s teeth have chewing surfaces that are highly susceptible to cavities and only minimally benefit from fluoride, we apply a plastic protective covering – a dental sealant – to the tops of your child’s teeth.

This is a highly effective method of preventing tooth decay in these sensitive areas and is recommended for both six-and 12-year molars.


Thumb sucking is an instinctive reaction that soothes and calms infants and young children. Many children stop on their own by the time their permanent front teeth are about to emerge.

Children often give up thumb-sucking between two and four years of age. However, if thumb-sucking persists beyond the primary teeth eruption, it may lead to improper mouth growth and misaligned teeth.

If you observe persistent and/or intense thumb-sucking conduct in your child, we recommend consulting our dentists at Children’s Dental Center.

Thumb-Sucking Tips

We’ve compiled a few helpful hints to help parents with thumb-sucking, such as:

  • Avoid scolding a child if they suck their thumb; instead, try praising them when they don’t demonstrate this behavior.
  • Work to deal with the underlying causes—thumb-sucking is a comfort device that often helps young kids to deal with anxiety or stress.
  • You can praise them when they avoid sucking their thumb during moments of stress. A bandage on the thumb or a sock on the hand at night can be a useful tool.