See What People Are Saying About Children's Dental Center

"These dentists put a lot of thought into the best way to serve children. The waiting rooms are inviting for little people with small tables and chairs for coloring and movies to watch while they wait. The staff, from the reception area through to check out seem to be trained in handling children in kind and helpful ways. Most importantly, the dentists and hygienists are patient and gentle. They go slow with the younger kids, without pushing them past their comfort level. Parents are allowed to sit with smaller children on the table. I'm not worried that my child will have anxiety about visiting the dentist as she grows up, so they are helping create a foundation for good dental health in the future. Cannot recommend them enough."

– Allison F


Sarah, my daughter says: "This was the best dentist office I've ever been to. It was fun. I loved the TVs on the ceilings and the play areas. It was definitely fit for a kid!"

With three kids we were in and out in an hour. I had an understanding of my co-payments with my insurance, an evaluation of each kid, and instructions for next steps. Thank you!"

– Rebecca J


The atmosphere and staff at Children's Dental Center were outstanding. It was our first experience with a pediatric dentist and I couldn't be more pleased. Very kind and friendly staff put both myself and my five year old felt at ease the entire appointment. Highly recommend!

– Mallory B


"My 10-year-old son cracked one of his front teeth while playing with an airsoft plastic pellet gun. Both my son and I were pretty concerned about how his teeth were going to look since his permanent teeth were now in place. Dr. Rowland did an outstanding job, and was able to restore his smile! My son came in - in pain (because the crack had exposed the nerve) and he left with a perfect smile! Thank you so very much!"

– Jenni M.


"Everyone was so nice and my daughter had fun getting her teeth cleaned! We will be coming back in the future. It is awesome that they make it fun for kids to go to the dentist."

– Cherish B.


Great experience! They have coloring and tables for the kids and a play area for kids to play in while your other children are getting work done."

– Courtney S.


"I have been taking my children here for 6 years and they love it. I have never seen a better children's dental office. I have already referred multiple people here, they loved and referred more people."

– Sara S.


"It's an awesome place would definitely recommend it to everyone with children. A very loving and caring practice with the best Doctors and staff to care for our children."

– Jodi E.


"Absolutely, impeccable skill, knowledge, and overall professionalism. My children are blessed to be part of this practice."

– Charles L.


"Dr. Roland and his staff are wonderful! I drive from another county, 40 minutes away, just to see him because he makes my son feel at ease. He treats him like his own."

- Ericka M.


"The office staff was friendly, and all of my questions and concerns were taken care of. The atmosphere is amazing. Plenty of things for the kids to do. They are a team and it shows. They are very clean. I loved my visit. They are well-organized. Keep up the good work!!"

– Kimberly S.


"They are a very kid friendly place, the employees are very nice, the doctors are just extremely awesome. I would recommend that everybody everywhere bring their children here. I wish they would see adults. I would say this dentist makes you feel just as happy as being in Disneyland. 10 stars if I could."

– Shanova J.


"I wish they would see adults."


"Really awesome experience!! I took my almost 4 and 2-year-olds for their first visit. They enjoyed the movies and coloring in the lobby and the legos in the back waiting area. Jackie, our hygienist, was super kind and made them both comfortable. Dr. Rowland was really sweet to the girls. We have found a pediatric dentist home!"

- Emily O.


"I can't say enough good things about this place and these folks- just spent a few hours getting my 3 taken care of (we were at the midtown location) and the care we received is second to none! They didn't even mind us taking over the office with all our teeth issues. Everyone was SO kind and Dr. Rowland is my kids' new favorite human. What a great place. We'll never go anywhere else!!"

– Denise H.


"Great dentist and great staff. My little one was crying and scared and they made every effort to be her friend and cheer her up so that she wouldn't think the dentist office was a scary place. They were so gentle, kind, and understanding. I also love how they give everyone a coloring sheet at check-in so your child has something to do while they wait."

– Alexandra C.


"We are so enthusiastic about this place! We love the staff here - especially Dr. Selecman. He is such a happy, caring, hardworking person and I consider myself lucky to have someone so wonderful taking good care of my kiddos and their dental health. We highly recommend this place to our friends and family and really love how child-oriented this place is. Thanks for the high standard of care!"

– Allison D.


"My children and I absolutely LOVE this dental clinic! It has a wonderful staff and a very kid friendly atmosphere. We have been going to Dr. Selecman for the past 10+ years and we have always had a wonderful experience. I have 4 children and all four have different opinions about visiting the dentist and they know how to handle them all! This really is such an asset to the community!"

– Mary A.


"Very friendly and warm atmosphere for children!"

– Nykia H.


"Wonderful people and my son loved it."

– Ashley O.


"They are so kind and caring! Awesome staff & dentists!"

– Crystal J.