If your child has a dental emergency, rest assured we are always available to help. During business hours, call 901.861.9668 to speak to a member of our staff. If it is after business hours, please listen to the recording for further instructions to speak to one of our dentists.  Children’s Dental Center always has someone on call and we will return your call promptly.

You may be unsure if you child’s situation constitutes a dental emergency. Emergencies that require immediate care include:

A permanent tooth that has been knocked out

Teeth that have been forcibly knocked out can cause quite extensive bleeding, which can often be controlled by applying direct pressure with a cold compress. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, recover the dislodged tooth if possible, then rinse it gently to remove any debris before gently attempting to restore it in its socket. Avoid touching the root section. You may also place the tooth in a cup of milk or wrap it in a cool, wet cloth. Teeth that are reimplanted within 30 minutes of falling out have the best chance of survival, so it is very important to seek immediate assistance from us so that the tooth can be splinted quickly. Baby teeth should not be reimplanted.

Loose or misaligned permanent tooth due to trauma

A permanent tooth that feels loose or one that is noticeably out of alignment should be fixed as soon as possible. Don’t try to force it back into position. Instead, apply light pressure, or have your child gently bite it down until we are able to see them.

Chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth

If your child has a chipped or broken teeth that isn’t causing any pain or sensitivity, it’s not considered a dental emergency, but you should still bring them in to see one of our doctors as soon as possible to contain the problem. Whatever the level of damage, have your child avoid chewing with the damaged tooth to prevent further issues.


An abscess is an infection around the tooth’s root or gum line, and it can be very painful. It may also cause swelling in the soft tissues. Abscesses should be treated immediately in order to stop the infection spreading to any other part of the body. Call our office whenever you notice the presence of an abscess.

Broken appliance

Wires from broken appliances can injure the soft tissues of the mouth, potentially cause bleeding, and make it difficult to speak and eat. Damaged appliances should be fixed immediately to avoid discomfort or injury.

Facial fracture

If your child has sustained an injury to the face that has resulted in broken bones and/or teeth, it should absolutely be treated as both a medical and dental emergency. Once the immediate danger has passed, the damage to the mouth can be assessed and treated.

Although oral issues that don’t require more urgent care can normally be dealt with during regular office hours, you should arrange for your child to visit Children’s Dental Center as soon as possible once a problem has been noted, as delayed treatment can lead to serious complications.