All About Early Dental Care
June 12, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

All About Early Dental Care

Your oral health is the gateway to your overall health, and the same is true for your kids! From an early age, children should be visiting the dentist regularly to make sure their teeth are happy and healthy. Routine visits are key to developing good oral hygiene habits and preventing dental issues in the future.  Read More

Why Fluoride is Essential for Your Child's Teeth
May 10, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

Why Fluoride is Essential for Your Child’s Teeth

As a parent, there are so many things to learn to make sure that your child is happy, healthy, and well cared for. When children are little, you may not be as worried about their teeth, and for obvious reasons: they haven’t grown in yet! But as they get older and their baby teeth begin Read More

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry
April 20, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

You can never be too young to learn about good dental hygiene! ‘Tooth’ be told, it is one of the most important life lessons for any young person because as we learn and grow, we become used to the habits that we form – for better or worse.  Our Children’s Dental Center team has years Read More

How to Help Your Child With Dental Anxiety
March 21, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

How to Help Your Child With Dental Anxiety

Along with the occasional cavity or crown, dental anxiety is one of the most common issues we deal with at the Children’s Dental Center. No matter their age, most people experience hesitation or fear when it comes to a dental appointment, so it is no surprise that our youth often find it a bit difficult Read More

Picking The Right Toothbrush For Your Child
February 28, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

Picking The Right Toothbrush For Your Child

Walk down any oral hygiene aisle these days, and you’re likely to be intimidated by the sheer volume of products you have to choose from. This can make picking out a toothbrush for your child a bit more daunting than you’d expect! Like adult toothbrushes, those designed for children come in a variety of shapes Read More

Flossing Steps for Kids
January 31, 2022 Chris Rowland, DDS

Flossing Steps for Kids

We all know flossing our teeth is essential for overall oral health, yet many of us fail to do it regularly. As a parent, it is vital to not only make sure you are flossing regularly to show the importance of proper dental hygiene but that you also teach good hygiene habits to your children, Read More

Importance Of Athletic Mouthguards for Children
October 29, 2021 Chris Rowland, DDS

Importance Of Athletic Mouthguards for Children

With autumn comes fall sports season, including football, soccer, and volleyball. Here at Children’s Dental Center, we see so many patients who are active in sports in their schools or community. That makes this the perfect time to discuss how athletic mouthguards can keep smiles safe on the field and the court! For more information Read More

Could Fruit Juice Be Behind Your Child's Cavities?
September 30, 2021 Chris Rowland, DDS

Could Fruit Juice Be Behind Your Child’s Cavities?

In any discussion about a child’s oral health, sugary drinks usually make an appearance. While soda tends to get the worst rap of all—with good reason—there’s another beverage that deserves our attention. Many people view juice as a healthy drink since it’s made from fruit, but it can be almost as bad for your child’s Read More

Memphis Kids Dentist
July 28, 2021 Chris Rowland, DDS

How To Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

For better or for worse, habits that we form at young ages stay with us for the rest of our lives. That means that it’s important to teach your child good oral health habits so they can enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles! Bad oral habits are a common cause of poor dental health Read More

Memphis TN Childrens Dentist
June 30, 2021 Chris Rowland, DDS

Dental Tips For School Children

Good habits are set early, and it’s never a bad time to help your child “brush” up their dental skills so they can enjoy a happy, healthy mouth for the rest of their lives! Many parents want to help their child build great dental habits but aren’t sure where to start. Here at Children’s Dental Read More