When you begin a routine of regular dental visits for your child at an early age, you set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health habits. Although your child can visit any dentist, it may be worth the effort to find one that has experience in treating children. A pediatric dental practice like Children’s Dental Center in Memphis is a perfect example! All of our doctors are pediatric dental specialists. Anytime after the first tooth erupts, it’s beneficial for children to see a dentist at least twice a year in order to maintain their overall oral health.

What is a pediatric dentist?

Dr. Rowland with a patientA pediatric dentist is a dental specialist who is well-trained through extra years of schooling, experience, and certification to treat infants, children, adolescents, and children with special needs. Their extensive training provides them with the knowledge to treat children's specific dental and orthodontic needs. This enables pediatric dentists to provide a positive dental experience and to educate children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, now and in the future. Pediatric dentists like Drs. Rowland, Selecman, and Daniel focus on the prevention and treatment of dental disease, as well as the overall health of the children they treat.

Why should you choose a Memphis pediatric dentist?

Meet our DoctorsA pediatric patient has specific dental and behavioral needs that are unique to a child. These needs may include orthodontics, dental sealants, fluoride applications, or simple education in oral hygiene. In addition to treating existing dental problems, our office works to aid prevention through patient and parent education.

A dentist appointment can be scary for people of any age, but this can be especially true for a young child who isn’t sure what exactly to expect. Parents can also have their own anxieties about dental care. Pediatric dentists can also take much of the anxiety out of dental visits for both parents and children who may be feeling worried or overwhelmed.

Because pediatric dentists are well-versed in treating children, they also tend to be better at handling the emotional and developmental issues that can have an impact on a child’s dental appointments. They can also help with any parental worries. Their educational training and skills help children feel more comfortable and at ease during their dental visits. This reassurance keeps the child's early dental experiences positive. This will help foster trust that lasts throughout their lives.

Children’s Dental Center in Memphis caters specifically to children. Bringing your child into our kid-friendly dental environment gives us the opportunity to make the appointment more pleasant and beneficial for everyone involved. All three of our dentists, as well as our staff, have years of experience in treating children of all ages with the highest level of care and consideration. We don’t want you to feel as though you and your child come into our office for the sole purpose of fixing dental issues, but rather to prevent them. Our mission is to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future.