All great parents know that despite your hard work and best intentions, you can’t always prevent things from happening to your child. When it comes to oral health, sometimes even with regular dental appointments and daily brushing, your child might still end up with a cavity. 

The great news is that our team at Children’s Dental Center is here to help you with the care and treatment of your child’s teeth! We’ll show you how to catch the early signs of cavities to prevent further damage to your child’s smile and keep them from painful and expensive dental interventions later on. Keep reading to learn more about what cavities are and how to catch them early!

What are Cavities?

In order to tell if you or your child has one, it’s important to understand what cavities are and where they come from. Simply, cavities are holes in the enamel of your teeth caused by tooth decay. When left untreated, cavities can grow and cause considerable pain and damage to your child’s teeth.

How Kids Get Cavities

Cavities are caused when sugars and food particles get stuck in the crevices between teeth. Over time as those sugars interact with natural bacteria in the mouth and grow into plaque. Plaque is that slight fuzzy texture you can feel on your teeth if you go too long without brushing. Plaque produces acid that eats through the layers of your teeth, starting with the outside layer, enamel. Over time plaque can grow and harden into tartar, making it even easier for bacteria to destroy enamel and become a hole in the tooth, called a cavity.  

Kids and adults often get cavities when they eat or drink too much sugar without properly cleaning their teeth afterward. Those sugars stay on their teeth and grow into painful cavities that need to be dealt with by a dentist. 

How to Know if Your Child Has a Cavity

One of the easiest ways to know if your child has a cavity is if they are complaining of tooth pain. If you notice your child is consistently mentioning a toothache, that’s a good indication that something is up, and it should be checked out by a professional. 

Also make note of whether your child is showing greater sensitivity to hot and cold foods, which can also be a further sign of tooth decay. 

How to Know if Your Child Has a Cavity

Prevent Cavities with the Children’s Dental Center

Some of the best ways to help prevent cavities in your children are to reduce the amount of sugary foods and drinks that your child is consuming and to make sure that they are brushing well twice daily to remove plaque. 

But if a cavity does find its way into your child’s mouth, you don’t need to stress. Children’s Dental Center is ready to help your child have a healthier smile. Schedule an appointment in one of our four offices located in Collierville, East Memphis, Midtown, or Arlington. Whether you are preventing cavities or treating them, you’ll find the supportive team you need at Children’s Dental Center!