Many parents worry about the health of their children’s teeth. You want to keep those pearly whites to last well into old age. Unfortunately, kids sometimes struggle to understand the importance of oral health. That means it’s your responsibility to help them keep their teeth clean until they’re old enough to care about it for themselves. So, just how important are teeth cleanings for kids? At Children’s Dental Center, we believe they’re an essential part of your child’s dental health routine. Even the best brushers and flossers won’t be able to reach every nook, cranny, and groove in their mouth, and most kids will have a cavity from time to time. That’s why regular teeth cleanings are the best way to keep your child’s smile beautiful and healthy and prevent the anxiety- and stress of fillings. 

Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy 

Some people assume that teeth cleanings for kids are less important when they have their baby teeth, but that’s not entirely true. Your child needs healthy baby teeth to chew comfortably, experience normal speech development, save space in their jaw for permanent teeth, and keep their gums healthy. 

Did you know that decay on baby teeth may mean that permanent teeth are more likely to decay? On the other hand, healthy baby teeth are a sign of healthy gums, which leads to a healthy eruption of permanent teeth. Healthy baby teeth are also a good indicator that your child has developed healthy habits that will follow them into adulthood, including the habit of visiting the dentist every six months! 

Importance of Teeth Cleaning 

  • Prevent Cavities Plaque is a leading cause of tooth decay in patients of all ages. It’s an acidic film that sticks to your teeth and eats away tooth enamel. If your teeth don’t have the protection of enamel, cavities will start to form. Kids need to brush and floss every day to avoid plaque buildup, but a dental cleaning from a pediatric dentist like those at Children’s Dental Center offers and deeper clean. 
  • Prevents Tooth Loss Gum disease caused by plaque is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults because it doesn’t just affect the gums, but the bone holding your teeth in place as well. Teeth cleanings for kids can help avoid these serious dental problems as your child grows up. 
  • Brighten TeethMany children end up with stains or yellow looking teeth, often caused by some of their favorite treats. Routine teeth cleaning can help keep those stains from becoming permanent discoloration. 
  • Fresher BreathBad breath isn’t just about the kind of food your child may have eaten that day. It can be caused by some kind of disease of the gums or teeth or even an infection. Poor oral hygiene also leads to many problems that result in bad breath. For better and fresher breath, teach your child to maintain proper oral health daily and schedule regular teeth cleanings.
  • Improve Oral Health – By keeping your child’s teeth clean, you will prevent infection, diseases, and tooth decay, which means healthier teeth and mouth for years to come. Regular teeth cleanings prevent these problems when completed by a pediatric dental specialist.
  • Save Money Investing in regular teeth cleanings for kids can prevent tooth decay, infection, or diseases, which will save you money in the long run. Removing dental plaque regularly reduces the chance of future dental problems that are can get expensive quickly.
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When Should Kids Visit the Dentist? 

Kids can start seeing a dentist as soon as they have teeth. However, the consensus is that children should see a dentist between one and two years old. If the thought of taking your toddler to the dentist gives you anxiety, rest assured that visits to pediatric dentists like Dr. Rowland, Dr. Selecman, Dr. Daniel, Dr. Green, and Dr. Harris will be painless, and even fun! 

Children’s Dental Center is designed just for kids, so we know how to handle any fears you or your child may have. We’ll explain everything we do in a kid-friendly way, so you’re child knows that a healthy mouth is worth a little in the dentist’s chair. 

Depending on how your child grows, we’ll start taking yearly x-rays between ages two and six. This will help us detect cavities in-between teeth that can be hard to spot otherwise, and we’ll be able to catch any developing jaw problems. As your child gets older, we’ll start applying a sealant and let you know if they may need braces at some point in the future. 

Teeth Cleanings for Kids are a Breeze at Children’s Dental Center 

Setting your child up for a lifetime of oral health shouldn’t be a chore. If you want your child to have healthy teeth and gums throughout their life, keep it simple but consistent. Help them get in the habit of brushing and flossing every day and take them to a dentist every six months. A dental office designed just for kids that focuses on eliminating any fears your child may have is a great idea. If your child never learns to be scared of the dentist, they’ll never have a hard time seeing one regularly on their own once they grow up. You and your child will enjoy every visit to Children’s Dental Center in Germantown, Arlington, or Midtown, and you may even look forward to your visits! 

If you want to learn more about setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, schedule an appointment today.